Company Name:DUALi Inc.
Company English Name:DAULi Inc.
Booth Number:1A278
Addr.:1-309 Innoplex, 306 Sinwon-ro, Youngtong-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, 16675 South Korea
Chinese Introduction:
DUALi自成立以来的17年的时间里一直都是RFID/NFC领域领导企业,是提供智能卡方案的企业。 公司于2000年成立,提供优质的NFC硬件和方案。 公司通过不断的研究开发和客户导向服务来满足全世界客户的需求。 DUALi的方案分为支付结算、出入管理、保安及使用性高的NFC方案。 DUALi公司的竞争力,第一是技术。第二是系统。第三是质量。第四是优秀的人力资源。
English Introduction:
DUALi is total smartcard solution company. Since 2000, we've been providing quality NFC devices to various service sector. DUALi also designs system solution relating payment & ID/security sector. We bring technology innovation to System integrator, Payment service provider for convenient yet secure solution. In order to bring convenient yet secure U-life, all staffs of DUALi are fully committed to supporting clients with the latest technologies & our accumulation of experience and knowledge. We believe the efforts of DUALi, which pursues convenience in human life, will continue into the future.
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