Company Name:佐藤自动识别系统国际贸易(上海)有限公司
Company English Name:SATO SHANGHI.CO.,LTD.
Booth Number:1A118
Chinese Introduction:
SATO是全球条码和RFID技术先锋,创立于1940年,在全球25个国家设有分公司,佐藤自动识别系统国际贸易(上海)有限公司是其在中国的独资法人公司。 SATO能提供涵盖商业和工业全系列条码打印机、超高频(UHF)和高频(HF)打印机、RFID自动打印贴标引擎,PJM RFID读写设备、RFID宽幅高速列印系统XP1100以及原厂标签、色带、集成软件以及售后服务为一体的自动识别解决方案公司。
English Introduction:
SATO Holdings is a global leader in barcode printing,labeling and EPC/RFID solutions. Founded in 1940, SATO has branches in 25 countries around the world. SATO Shanghai Co., Ltd. is its sole proprietorship company in China. SATO is the only automatic identification solutions company that can provide a full range of barcode printers for commercial and industrial applications, UHF and HF printers, RFID automatic print labeling engines, PJM RFID solutions, RFID wide-format high-speed printing&encoding systems XP1100, and SATO Original labels, ribbons, integrated software, and after-sales services.
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