Company Name:PHYCHIPS
Company English Name:PHYCHIPS Inc
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Addr.:#104, 187 Techno2-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea
Chinese Introduction:
PHYCHIPS是一家世界级的RFID技术企业。借助本公司的无线通信核心半导体原创技术,向全球主要RFID企业提供用于RFID阅读器的超小型、低耗电系统半导体芯片(SoC)和模块。 今后,PHYCHIPS将继续在“RFID IN YOUR HAND"的经营理念下,践行"THINGS TO CLOUD"的发展目标,屹立于物联网世界的中心。
English Introduction:
1. RFID Reader/Writer Chip(PR9200) SoC solution for RAIN RFID reader. Integrated UHF RF, baseband MODEM, ARM Cortex TM-M0 Processor, memory(64kB FLASH & 16kB SRAM) etc. 2. RFID Reader/Writer Module(RED4S & RED5) Superior performance, small form factor and advantages in time-to-market. Applicable for high performance and small-sized mobile RFID Reader by its small form factor. 3. RFID Reader/Writer Antenna(QUBE & PATCH) QUBE is the most advanced RFID reader antenna solution for RFID Reader/Writer. It shows compact size, light weight but has wide bandwidth, superior axial ratio, high gain and high durability. PATCH provides excellent performance through use of proprietary material. It enables manufacturers to create innovative RFID reader.
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