Company Name:SPS Inc
Company English Name:SPS Inc
Booth Number:1A2-3
Addr.:70, Thecno 8ro, Yueseong-gu, Dae-Jeon, Korea
Chinese Introduction:
2000年9月成立的(株)SPS公司主要将adapter及电池等产品供应至海外全球性流通品牌。目前以专门制造技术,开发经验,特殊技术等基础,提供AIDC, RTLS, Sensor技术的解决方案服务。(株)SPS公司提供的条形码扫描器和RFID是iPhone安装型机器,可以与任何型号机器相结合。再者,我司的特殊技术(无线充电技术)可适用于相应产品,实现与其他产品的差别性.
English Introduction:
Our mission is to be a Industrial IoT Solution Provider. Our AIDC devices can be used lots of area where are factory, retail shop, Logistics/Transportation and warehouse. we have 1D, 2D, Combo (1D+2D) barcode scanner and RFID, NFC reader. These AIDC type is dongle which can be combined with all iPhone series such as iPhone6, 7, 7Plus as well as iPad mini! we are MFI licensed company which means, all product are authorized by Apple MFI.
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