Company Name:上海坤锐电子科技有限公司
Company English Name:Shanghai Quanray Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Booth Number:1A135
Chinese Introduction:
上海坤锐电子科技有限公司是一家专业提供高频和超高频RFID 硬件解决方案及NFC移动支付解决方案的高科技公司。坤锐的RFID产品主要致力于交通管理的汽车电子标识、服装标、工业生产线自动化管理的轮胎标、航空零部件标、酒类及票证的防伪标、新零售读写模组以及标签芯片等领域。公司的主要创始人曾经是国家Auto ID实验室专家、复旦大学专用集成电路国家重点实验室专家、国家二代身份证芯片主设计负责人。
English Introduction:
Shanghai Quanray Electronics Co.,Ltd is a high-tech company which focuses on providing high frequency(HF) and ultra-high frequency(UHF) RFID hardware solutions and NFC mobile payment solutions for. Quanray’s RFID products focused on automotive electronic identification, traffic management and clothing label, automation of industrial production line tire standard, asset management of aviation parts, wine and ticket anti fake mark, new retail intelligent container module and tag etc. The major founder of Quanray was a national Auto ID laboratory experts, Fudan University ASIC State Key Laboratory of national experts and the lead designer of the two generation ID of PRC.
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