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创立于2002年,矽力肯科为RFID应用量身定做新颖的高标准微芯片设计,推出了一系列具有高附加值功能和卓越整体系统性能的产品。产品的质量得到全世界多年的合作伙伴的认可。 矽力肯科技研发团队拥有世界一流水平的经验以及专业的设计知识,进一步巩固了公司在模拟和混合信号集成电路的设计和开发方面的声誉地位。 主打产品有低频/高频标签芯片,NFC标签芯片,读卡器芯片,汽车钥匙芯片等。
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Established in 2002,SIC offers novel, custom, and standard design microchips for RFID applications and delivers products that carry high-value added features and superior overall systems performance. The products’ quality is endorsed by years of lasting partnerships. SIC’s reputation has been further solidified through its experience and expertise in the design and development of world-class foundry semiconductor manufactures of linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits. What we stand for We have been always persisting in the spirit of innovation, striving for excellence, upholding the quality of products that are compatible with the world’s standard and regulations. “Intelligence & innovation”, this is a large part of our identity. With this passion, we will continue to deliver high performance state-of-the-art products to our customers.
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