Company English Name:AEROPRINT(E&A)LIMITED
Booth Number:1A323
Chinese Introduction:
AEROPRINT (E&A) LTD是一家港资公司,一直致力于航空业的供应商,目前我司生产及供应各种机票,RFID标签,吊牌,条码打印,登机牌,行李带等。在这个不断努力地为顾客提高服务质量的行业,AEROPRINT与国际航空运输协会及其顾客携手合作。
English Introduction:
AEROPRINT (E&A) LTD is a Hong Kong based company.Our conpany has been estabilshed for over 10 years,we are dedicated in R&D, production and sales of RFID label products,and the products are exported to many countries all around the world.After years of development, our company has built a experienced sales and after-sales service team.So we gain a very high reputation from our clients.Some highlights of the RFID products we produced:Data Storage:Compared with the traditional label,RFID tags with bigger capacity,and the data can be updated at anytime. Read-write speed:Compared with the code,RFID not required to scan by the line,which can be multi-object recognition and motion recognition. Usableness:Small volume,easy to encapsulate,also can be embedded within the product.Security:dedicated chip,unique serial number, difficult to copy.Durability: no mechanical failure, long service life and anti-adverse environment.
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