Company Name:上海联点信息科技有限公司
Company English Name:ShangHai Point-link Information Tech CO.,LDT
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Chinese Introduction:
上海联点科技从2010年起自主研发高速高分辨率的ONE-PASS 喷墨打印软件及RFID高速读写与喷码关联设备。获上海市科研课题:全自动高速RFID芯片读写、外观关联数据喷印、内外数据比对检测一体机的科技企业。 随着二维码在智能移动物联网的广泛应用,联点的持续推出性能更的快单张、卷筒的RFID高速读写、校验、喷码检测与RFID数据比对、不良品标记、踢废及补数多功能一体机的解决方案。
English Introduction:
Since 2010, Shanghai Liandian Information Technology Co., Ltd. has independently developed high-speed and high-resolution ONE-PASS inkjet printing software and RFID high-speed reading, writing and coding related equipment. Shanghai scientific research project: full-automatic high-speed RFID chip reading and writing, appearance-related data printing, internal and external data comparison and testing machine. With the wide application of QR code in the intelligent mobile Internet of Things, the joint point continues to introduce faster performance single-sheet, reel RFID high-speed reading and writing, verification, code detection and RFID data comparison, defective product mark, Kick the waste and complement MFP solution.
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