Company Name:东莞植富商标印制有限公司
Company English Name:U.R Label & Printing co.,Ltd
Booth Number:1A112
Chinese Introduction:
东莞植富商标印制有限公司至今已有超过30年历史,是一家在商标以及RFID行业中设备齐全、产品种类繁多、规模较大的港商独资企业。多年来、植富商标为各种行业提供各类商标;如洗涤商标类、制品印刷类、丝网印刷类、UHF RFID标签类等产品。植富公司之新产品:超高频RFID热转移唛。其特点在于可通过压力和热力、直接压烫于布料及纸质品表面,与布料及纸制品完美结合;令其不脱落及手感十分柔软。
English Introduction:
U.R Label & Printing co.,Ltd has been labeling industry for more than 30years. We producing wide range of products like printed label, hang tag and heat transfer. As Hong kong owned enterprises,we keep invest equipment and explore the new product range like rfid.We are proud to announce the whole new product - “Heat transfer UHF rfid”. With UR Label patented rfid that can apply on different type of fabric with ultimate soft hand feel and combine the benefit of heat transfer with rfid.
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