Company Name:GLS
Company English Name:GLS Co., Ltd (Global Leading Solution)
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Addr.:167-6, Techno 2-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea
Chinese Introduction:
Zing技术是一种在近距离(10cm)内,以最大3.5Gbps的传输速度瞬间传输数据的下一代无线通信技术,可用于传输Full HD级高清影像及各种APP。 1. 规范 1)Package尺寸:6x6mm2 2)最大传输速度:3.5Gbps 3)耗电:100mW 2. 应用领域 1)无线存储装置 2) 无线USB适配器 3) 正在研发手机间数据传输、无线HDMI TV、无线VR HMD等产品
English Introduction:
Zing is ultrahigh speed proximity communication technology that transmit high-capacity data or stream Full HD video with blazing speed of 3.5 Gbps at close range(10cm). 1. Specification (1) Package size : 6 x 6 mm2 (2) Maximum data rate: 3.5 Gbps (3) Power consumption: <100mW 2. Application 1) Wireless storage: Bi-directional data transmission between Reader and Tag 2) Wireless USB Dongle 3) Kiosk, Phone to Phone data transmission, wireless HDMI, wirless VR gadjet, etc
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