Company Name:IDRO
Company English Name:IDRO Co.,Ltd
Booth Number:A9-4
Addr.:#305,156, Gwanggyo-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Chinese Introduction:
(株)IDRO提供高性能阅读器和阅读器模块。IDRO生产的固定式阅读器可用于所有领域,支持EPC Gen.2 Protocol,通过FCC、CE、KCC认证,获得多项韩国和海外专利。 IDRO性价比极高的RFID产品等卓越的无线通信技术为依托,满足客户要求。包括与其他厂商产品相比占据竞争优势地位的RFID产品在内。凭借八年研发而积累的RFID核心技术和差异化的技术支持,力图实现客户百分百满意。
English Introduction:
IDRO900V, UHF Fixed Type 4-Channel reader, is the world first Optical (Visible) RFID System. It can read selected tags with LED lights and supports both Gen2 and Visible Protocol. In addition, It read range up to 12 meters for a single tag(depends on tags specifications) and has Anti-collision performance up to 800 tags per second. Definitely, It is a perfect solution for Smart Factory.
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