Company Name:PHYCHIPS
Company English Name:PHYCHIPS Inc
Booth Number:A9-3
Addr.:#104, 187 Techno2-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea
Chinese Introduction:
PHYCHIPS是一家世界级的RFID技术企业。借助本公司的无线通信核心半导体原创技术,向全球主要RFID企业提供用于RFID阅读器的超小型、低耗电系统半导体芯片(SoC)和模块。 今后,PHYCHIPS将继续在“RFID IN YOUR HAND”的经营理念下,践行“THINGS?TO CLOUD”的发展目标,屹立于物联网世界的中心。
English Introduction:
UHF RFID Reader Module Superior performance, small form factor and advantages in time-to-market. Applicable for high performance and small-sized mobile RFID reader by its small form factor.
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