Company Name:四川中电昆辰科技有限公司
Company English Name:Sichuan Zhongdiankunchen Technology Co.Ltd
Booth Number:B30
Chinese Introduction:
English Introduction:
Sichuan Zhongdiankunchen Technology Co.Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that specializes in centimeter-level high-precision positioning technology, which is based on the microwave radiation and scattering scientific research team of Electronic Science and Technology University. It is an accurate positioning product and solution provider of industrial and commercial indoor and outdoor. Investors are Hongtai Fund, Electronic Technology University, Chengdu Technology Transfer (Group) Co., Ltd., Chengdu Information Technology Transformation Investment Co., Ltd., Jinya Technology (30028.SZ), strategic partners including China Electronics Technology Group No. 54 Institute, Digital Space Technology Co., Ltd., CLP Xinlong (002298.SZ), RTEC, and so on.
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