Company Name:北京客来乐科技有限公司
Company English Name:kelaile
Booth Number:C18
Chinese Introduction:
客来乐致力于为实体零售企业提供基于客户连接的数字化服务、营销及管理系统,将领先的互联网营销技术与实体商业的特殊性相结合,创造出专属于实体商业的互联网化技术和服务——客来乐互联网收银台。 客来乐互联网收银台,以其独有的智能联动技术,在不改变原有系统的情况下,将传统收银台提升为互联网收银台,为客户提供包括电子小票、手机支付等各种互联网服务,建立了实体店与消费者的连接,提供了多种互联网营销手段。
English Introduction:
Kelaile is committed to providing physical retailers with digital services, marketing and management systems based on customer connections. Combining leading Internet marketing technologies with the specificity of physical business, Kelaile created Kelaile Internet cashier. With the unique intelligence linkage technology, the traditional cashier can be upgraded to an Internet cashier without changing the original system. It can provide various kinds of Internet services including digital receipts, mobile payment, etc. It helps establishing connections between physical stores and consumers, providing a variety of Internet marketing techniques.
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