Company Name:三和盛电子制品(东莞)有限公司
Company English Name:UMC ELECTRONICS
Booth Number:B40
Chinese Introduction:
UMC是全球领先的EMS制造企业,在全球排名中居13位,是日本最大的电子制造企业。 专注于品质、成本和交期,UMC集团为客户提供最及时反应满足客户需要,为了提供全球服务,我们持续发展全球布局,基于日本集团总部、研发总部及2家生产基地,我们在泰国、越南、墨西哥及中国东莞拥有研发和生产基地;在德国、香港设立营业所,年产值13亿美元。
English Introduction:
UMC is a leading supplier of EMS services that has achieved industry success by creating relationship of trust with our customers and supply chain partners. Focusing on QCD, UMC has the organizational strength to respond quickly to all customer needs, and we are continuing to expand. In addition to our two factories in Japan, in Saitama and Miyazaki, and three overseas factories, in Dongguan China, Hanoi Vietnam and Bangkok in Thailand. in September 2017, UMC Mexico factory will start operation, allowing us to even more flexibly respond to our customers’ requirements. We added a new sales company in Munich, Germany, in September 2013 to increase our global customer base. UMC provides Japanese-style EMS services on a global scale focusing fully on the needs of customers. We look forward to creating ever more innovative products and solutions that will meet, and exceed, your expectations.
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