Company Name:上海坤锐电子科技有限公司
Company English Name:Shanghai Quanray Electronics Co., Ltd
Booth Number:B124
Chinese Introduction:
上海坤锐电子科技有限公司(以下简称“坤锐电子”)是一家专业提供高频和超高频RFID硬件解决方案及移动支付解决方案的高科技公司。 公司致力于RFID和移动支付产品的设计、开发、生产和营销。坤锐电子是国际领先的超高频RFID芯片技术设计领跑者之一,产品广泛应用在智能制造,资产管理,与车辆电子安全识别等领域。公司业务遍及国内并远销亚洲、欧洲、美洲等。
English Introduction:
Shanghai Quanray Electronics Co. Ltd is well-known UHF and HF RFID hardware solution provider, focused on design, production, marketing, and sale of Radio Frequency Identification Products (especially UHF and HF ICs). Quanray has been leading RFID chip and inlay supplier in China, taking up big market share in the industry. And in recent years, we also grow fast in overseas market and become a more and more important international market player.
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