Company Name:宜科(天津)电子有限公司
Company English Name:ELCO (Tianjin) Electronics Co., Ltd.
Booth Number:A2
Chinese Introduction:
宜科(天津)电子有限公司作为中国本土工业自动化产品的提供商和智能制造解决方案的供应商. 为智慧工厂的整体规划实施提供自系统层、控制层、网络层到执行层自上而下的全系列服务,产品及解决方案涵盖但不局限于云平台、MES制造执行系统、工业现场总线、工业以太网、工业无线通讯、物联网网关芯片、机器人及智能设备组成的自动化生产线、自动化电气控制系统集成、智能物流仓储系统、IoT集成开发解决方案及服务等。
English Introduction:
ELCO (Tianjin) Electronics Co., Ltd. As the supplier of Chinese local industrial automation products and intelligent manufacturing solutions, provides the full range of services from system layer, control layer, network layer to execution layer to the implementation of overall planning of intelligent factory. The products and solutions include, but not limited to, ElcoCloud platform, MES (manufacturing execution systems), Industrial fieldbus, Industrial Ethernet, Industrial wireless communication, IoT gateway chip, automated production lines consisting of robotics and intelligent equipments, integration of automatic& electric controlling system, intelligent logistics warehouse system, IoT integrated development solutions and services etc
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