Company Name:东莞市双九新材料工艺有限公司
Company English Name:Dongguan Double Nine New Material craft Co.,LTD
Booth Number:C29
Chinese Introduction:
东莞市双九新材料工艺有限公司是一家只做包边卡,琥珀卡,金属包边卡的专业生产厂家,产品具有琥珀特性,高端工艺品属性,工厂是全球首家大批量生产包边卡的研发创始生产厂家,在包边卡领域已经和智能卡龙头企业中山达华智能科技股份有限公司等国内一大批智能卡企业合作多年,具有种类齐全,模具众多,高品质交货快速,价格便宜等优势,是广大客户包边卡的最佳选择,联系人,13316686601 陈松福欢迎您的垂询。
English Introduction:
Dongguan Double Nine New Material craft Co., LTD is a professional factory making Amber card、metal/ non-metal hemming card, the products look like amber with high end effect.?It is the first professional factory to start mass production for hemming card with their own research & development and has been cooperating with some leading enterprise for intelligent card for many years, for example Tatwah Smartech Co., Ltd. With a wide variety of products, various molds, high quality standard, low price and some other advantages, it is the best choice for customers to custom hemming card here.Act 13316686601 Andychen
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