Company Name:上海雍敏信息科技有限公司
Company English Name:Shanghai UMEinfo Co., Ltd.
Booth Number:4B03
Addr.:上海市 长逸路15号(复旦软件园)B栋 16层
Chinese Introduction:
雍敏科技是国内领先的物联网行业解决方案提供商,凭借雄厚的技术研发实力与多年行业实践经验积累,公司已成为业界产品解决方案最齐全、服务网络覆盖最广的专业厂商。作为zigbee联盟会员、zigbee中国成员组理事成员、中国智能家居产业联盟理事会员,以及Silicon Labs中国区IDH,雍敏科技将持续为智慧城市的建设贡献力量。
English Introduction:
Shanghai UMEinfo Co., Ltd is a leading domestic IOT (Internet of Things) solutions provider, Member of ZigBee Alliance, Council Member of ZigBee Member Group China, IDH of Silicon Labs. UMEINFO focused on ZigBee as the core of wireless communication technology, while covering WiFi, Bluetooth, LoRa and other wireless communications technology. Our core business includes providing communications modules, hardware development, software customization and the Internet of things cloud capabilities to provide one-stop solutions and services for the Internet of things. At present,UMEinfo provides the high performance and outstanding quality product solutions and innovative technology, those have been widely used in Smart Home,Intelligent Community ,Smart Hotel ,Smart Agriculture,Smart Lighting,Industrial control and other areas.
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