Company Name:北京涛思数据科技有限公司
Company English Name:TAOS Data,Inc.
Booth Number:9D108
Chinese Introduction:
北京涛思数据科技有限公司(TAOS Data) 瞄准日益增长的物联网数据市场,专注时序空间大数据的存储、查询、分析和计算。不依赖任何开源或第三方软件,开发了拥有自主知识产权、自主可控的高性能、可伸缩、高可靠、零管理的物联网大数据平台TDengine,可广泛运用于物联网、车联网、工业互联网、IT运维等领域。公司已经申请多项技术发明专利,且全部提交PCT专利申请。
English Introduction:
To address the technology challenges in the exponential growth of connected devices, TAOS Data is aimed at building a big data platform for Internet of Things (IoT). With a deep understanding of data characteristics of the IoT, TAOS Data has designed an innovative way to collect, store, compute, and analyze time-series data. Its flagship product, TDengine, outperforms other time-series databases by at least 10 times in terms of insert/query performance. TDengine’s kernel (storage and computing engine) and community edition are 100% open-sourced under the AGPL license. TAOS Data is fully committed to maintaining this open development model and believes that no software will win the market unless its core functionalities are fully open.

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