Company Name:北京永洪商智科技有限公司
Company English Name:Beijing Yonghong Tech Co., Ltd.
Booth Number:7B68-1
Chinese Introduction:
北京永洪商智科技有限公司专注于为百亿级数据量的大型企业和各个垂直行业的中小企业提供灵活易用的大数据应用解决方案。目前已成为国内领先的大数据解决方案提供商。让企业用户实现敏捷、智能的数据化运营,实现客户及业务洞察,支持企业运营管理及战略决策。永洪科技的管理团队都拥有世界500强企业或世界顶级大数据企业10年以上从业经历,曾多次获得国际大奖,包括Java One大奖、软件界的奥斯卡大奖JDJ读者奖等。
English Introduction:
Beijing Yonghong Tech Co., Ltd. was officially founded in 2012. Since its establishment, Yonghong Tech has been always absorbed in providing efficient, reliable and easy-to-use data analysis solutions to enterprises. Now, it has become a leading one-stop big data analysis platform service provider in China. Management team of Yonghong Tech has over ten years of working experience in global top 500 companies and has been awarded many international prizes such as Java One, and JDJ Readers’ Prize deemed as the Academy Award of software domain. Meanwhile, software of Yonghong Tech also possesses multiple international technical patents involving distributed computing, distributed storage, distributed communication, cloud computing, data processing and data presentation, etc..

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