Company Name:北京握奇数据股份有限公司
Company English Name:Beijing Watchdata Co., Ltd.
Booth Number:C66
Chinese Introduction:
English Introduction:
Watchdata Technologies ( is a recognized pioneer in digital authentication and transaction security.Founded in Beijing in 1994, we now have international headquarters in Singapore, 11 regional offices, and serve customers in over 60 countries.Watchdata offers a wide range of product line,and is fixating on supplying total security solution to customers, IOT cyber security in particular. Based on a root of trust ,We built IOT security architecture across three different layers: Device, Communications, and Cloud. Especially have rich experience in Secure Booting, Secure Communications, Data Protection, Anti-counterfeiting Protection, Key Protection. From the view of product, security and cost are regarded as two inter-constraint measures. So we supply different levels, light, middle and strong security for different application environments. It is our duty to help customer to evaluate and get the best cost performance solution and product.
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