Company Name:WIZnet
Company English Name:WIZnet
Booth Number:1A53-1
Addr.:5F Humax Village, 216 Hwangsaeul-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-Si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea
Chinese Introduction:
WIZnet是开发和普及物联网用网络流程的Fabless风险企业。2001年在全世界唯一以Hardware Chip来实现互联网通讯标准协议Software TCP/IP,此后将3000万个以上芯片应用于非常多种的嵌入式互联网装置中。WIZnet的顾客都属于其品牌的忠实顾客,在全世界运营着70多家代理店,为了给代理店迅速提供技术支持、开展项目营销,在美国、香港设立了分公司。
English Introduction:
WIZnet is a fabless semiconductor company in the area of Internet connectivity for small devices. The Company’s products include Ethernet controller with patented Hardware TCP/IP stack, Internet MCUs including MCU, Ethernet MAC/PHY and Hardware TCP/IP, Embedded WiFi modules, and various easy-to-use connectivity modules. The mission of the Company is contributing to make the World connected and let all Things connected using its tiny and easy connectivity solutions. To discover more, please visit

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