Company Name:艾利(中国)有限公司
Company English Name:Avery Dennison
Booth Number:1A36
Chinese Introduction:
艾利丹尼森智能标签解决方案让企业能为每件物品创造数字联通,建立连接线上与线下的桥梁。艾利丹尼森RFID inlay和其他数字触发技术赋予每件物品一个独一无二的数字化身份,适合应用于服装、美妆、食品和航空等各个行业,通过将数据传至互联网,为品牌商和消费者传递更大的价值。艾利丹尼森智能标签帮助企业增加库存的可视性,提高生产效率,同时为品牌商提供消费者行为洞察。
English Introduction:
Avery Dennison’s intelligent label solutions bridge the physical and the digital, enabling businesses to add digital connectivity to any item. In industries as diverse as apparel, beauty, food and aviation, Avery Dennison RFID inlays and other digital trigger technologies give items a unique digital identity, enabling them to connect to the internet and deliver greater capabilities for companies and consumers alike. For companies, our intelligent labels make inventories more visible and more productive, while providing greater insight into consumer behavior and preferences. For consumers, our intelligent labels enhance experiences and make shopping more satisfying, informative and fun. For the planet, they increase sustainability by improving transparency and reducing waste across the supply chain and making the disposal of products more responsible. Learn more at

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