Company Name:福州福大信捷天线技术有限公司
Company English Name:Fuzhou FuDa Xinjie Antenna Technology co. LTD
Booth Number:1A389
Chinese Introduction:
按照“精简聚焦、突出精品、积少成多、逐步做大”的思路,专注定制化项目一站式服务,公司主营业务方向如下: (1)卫星定位天线:北斗无源天线、有源弹载天线、阵列天线、测量型天线、航空天线、无人机天线等; (2)物联网天线:通用远场天线、手持终端天线、阅读器天线、阵列天线等; 目前公司产品涵盖电力应用、卫星通信、无人机、军用手持机设备、车载定位、RFID新零售、RFID手持设备等多个领域。
English Introduction:
In accordance with the idea of "streamline focus, highlight fine products, little by little, gradually do big", we focus on one-stop service of customized projects , the main business directions of Xinjie antenna company are as follows: (1)Satellite positioning/communication antenna: BDS passive antenna, Active missile-borne antenna, Array antenna, Measurement antenna, Aerial antenna, UAV antenna, etc; (2)Internet of things antenna: Near field antenna, Reader antenna, Handheld device built-in antenna, Narrow beam far field antenna, etc. At present, the products of the company cover many fields such as Electric Power Applications, Satellite communication, Unmanned aerial vehicle, Military handheld device, Vehicle positioning, RFID new retail, RFID handheld device and so on.

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