Company Name:南京沃旭通讯科技有限公司
Company English Name:Nanjing Woxu Wireless Co.,Ltd.
Booth Number:1A104
Addr.:中国江苏南京玄武区玄武大道699-8号 研发一区2号楼401室
Chinese Introduction:
English Introduction:
Nanjing Woxu wireless Co., Ltd. is the first to develop IR-UWB products and application of high-tech enterprises, and it is also Decawave designated key partners.WoXu focuses on UWB technology research and provides location data solutions.It has been successfully applied in power, chemical, manufacturing, tunnel, storage, judicial and other fields ,creating value for customers in terms of safety and efficiency.Rooted in China and looking around the world, WoXu not only has many mature cases in the domestic market, but also successfully opens up markets in the United States, South Korea, Turkey, Czech republic, Spain and many other countries.
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