Company Name:厦门精瑞电脑有限公司
Company English Name:Xiamen Unitech Computer Co., Ltd.
Booth Number:1A211
Chinese Introduction:
精瑞电脑成立于1998年,是unitech(台湾精技集团)在中国大陆的全资子公司。目前为台湾最大的数据采集设备制造商,主要生产并销售自有品牌unitech的各种自动识别技术类产品,包括工业级PDA、掌上型及手持式数据采集器、条码扫描器等。目前在台湾、美国、拉丁美州、荷兰、日本、中国-上海、广州、厦门(中国总部)等地设有营销据点 ,提供全方位的自动识别解决方案和周到的售后服务。
English Introduction:
Xiamen Unitech Computer Co., Ltd is based on Unitech Electronics group, headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. Founded in 1979, unitech is a provider of automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) technologies that improve customer productivity and efficiency. With over 30 years of experience, unitech has been recognized as one of the leading experts in manufacturing rugged PDAs, barcode scanners and RFID readers worldwide. Unitech serves customers in various industries such as healthcare, retail, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics and government. For china market, unitech has branch offices in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xiamen to provide customized service for over 19 years. Unitech will continue to provide advanced invention with thoughtful, responsive service and always to create a win-win future for all participated partnership.
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