Company Name:泰芯智能科技(昆山)有限公司
Company English Name:Tysin Technology(Kunshan)Co.,ltd
Booth Number:1A66
Chinese Introduction:
泰芯智能科技(昆山)有限公司是一家专业从事生产、销售RFID技术相关产品的企业。坐落于江苏省昆山市,注册资金1.8亿元,有2000平方米的洁净车间,配备先进生产设备,以及芬兰Voyantic RFID标签性能一致性测试仪。公司主要经营RFID电子标签、射频识别产品、物联网应用设备、防伪标签、吊牌、票卡、天线的设计及生产、RFID柔性抗金属复合、RFID检测及写码、不干胶印刷、客户定制化产品等。
English Introduction:
TYSIN Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the production and sale of RFID technology and related products. The company located in Kunshan,Jiangsu Province, with registered capital of 180 million yuan, there are about 2000 square meters of clean workshop equipped with advanced production equipments and the Finnish VOYANTIC RFID tag performance consistency tester. The company mainly sales RFID Tags, RFID products, IoT applications, anti-counterfeiting labels, tags, ticket cards, antenna design and production, RFID flexible on-metal tag, RFID Testing and coding,adhesive printing,customized products, etc.

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