Company Name:富士康C次集团物联网产品处
Company English Name:CMCID / FOXCONN
Booth Number:1A264
Chinese Introduction:
CMCID富士康C次集团物联网产品处,致力于物联网产品的研发、设计、生产与制造,产品包括RFID智能无人售卖柜, RFID智能文件柜,RFID智能物品柜和RFID读写器、 工业数据采集器、嵌入式工控终端等
English Introduction:
CMCID belongs to C subgroup of Foxconn Technology Corporation and focus on the research and development, design, product and manufacture of IOT application system. Products include Intelligent Vending Machine, Intelligent File Cabinets, Intelligent bookcase, RFID reader, industrial data acquisition and embedded devices etc.
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