Company Name:四川凯路威科技有限公司
Company English Name:Kiloway
Booth Number:1A114
Chinese Introduction:
English Introduction:
Kiloway has focused on the development of fully independent RFID chips, and has many domestic and international invention patents, rich product lines with HF RFID、UHF RFID and RFID overall solutions.Kiloway’s X-RFID? chip technology is world-leading with the features of high security, high reliability, anti-detection, anti-tamper and low cost. In addition, X-RFID? chip is the unique ultra-low-cost chip in the world in which the data can not been lost in bad working environments such as irradiation, high temperature and ultraviolet light. The X-RFID chip is OTP anti-tamper chip and it is the only low-cost chip in the world with data physical non-erasable , data stored for more than 100 years.
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