Company Name:东莞市鸥思物联科技有限公司
Company English Name:Dongguan OS RFID Technlogy Co., Ltd.
Booth Number:1A33
Chinese Introduction:
English Introduction:
Was established in 2015, the registered capital of 20 million yuan, with several advanced encapsulation, compound production line, annual production capacity of up to hundreds of millions of pieces, is the largest RFID in the pearl river delta the non-drying label, clothing tag, wash water passive sensor tag and label label, rides, one of the development and manufacture of special labels manufacturer, is committed to providing high quality RFID products design and manufacturing services, Internet of things industry solutions and industrial 4.0 custom tags. With continuous technology research and development and innovation, strong label design capabilities and rf technology, materials and experience perfect combination, to meet the needs of different customers customized products and services
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