Company Name:厦门四信通信科技有限公司
Company English Name:Xiamen Four-Faith Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
Booth Number:9D225
Chinese Introduction:
四信,物联网技术专家,成立于2008年,多年来专注于提供物联网通信、智慧电力、智慧消防、智慧水利、 智慧地灾、智慧灌区等解决方案和服务。四信秉承着“让万物更加智慧”的愿景,凭借坚实的专业基础和雄厚的研发实力,不断攻克物联网技术。目前已拥有30多项发明及实用新型专利,近百项软件著作权,为全球50+国家和地区提供产品与智慧,在物联网行业处于领先地位。
English Introduction:
Four-Faith is a famous registered company within the Fujian Province, we are renowned as a science and technology innovation leader, Xiamen City key support high-tech enterprise, Internet of Things industry pioneer, Internet of Things communication technology solutions provider, smart power, smart city, intelligent water conservancy, intelligent disaster prevention and other industry solutions provider. We are focused on the Internet of Things communications equipment and intelligent terminal R & D, including production and sales for industry users, systems integrators, and mobile operators to provide competitive products, technology, programs and services. We are focused on the world of IoT and provide an open concept of cooperation. At Four-Faith, we are committed to making everything around us more intelligent and connected.

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