Company Name:射频科技系统资源有限公司
Company English Name:RFID System&Supplies Limited
Booth Number:1A87
Chinese Introduction:
本司提供标准及订制无线射频识别( RFID) 标签, RFID硬件和专业的解决方案,並提供全方位技術支援服務 解決方案包括: 资产及文件管理, 活动场地管理, 医疗保健管理,工地安全方案, 长者游走系统, 仓库管理
English Introduction:
We specialize in design and manufacture standard/custom RFID tags and labels, RFID hardware and total solution with technical support to assist in RFID deployment on various industries Application: Asset & Document Management, Conference & Event Management, Healthcare Management, Safety Solution for Construction Site, Solution for Elderly Home, Warehouse Management
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