Company English Name:AEROPRINT (E&A) LIMITED
Booth Number:1A197
Chinese Introduction:
AEROPRINT生产的无线射频识别产品不但多元化,能切合客戶需求, 也以专业的生产技术和合理的价格为客户服務,因此AEROPRINT的产品深受各地客户的欢迎。 ?我们的产品大致可分为:贴纸和吊牌,主要应用于行李带、登机牌、车票、鞋标、吊牌、酒标等。我们会根据客户的需求,为客户提供最适合的建议和最好的服务。
English Introduction:
AEROPRINT always striving to make a contribution to the future development of RFID industry. Our RFID products are not only in diversified, and exported to many countries all around the world, we also gained a very high reputation from our clients.Our products are mainly applied to the RFID baggage tag, boarding pass, RFID label in luxury, RFID tickets, RFID wine tag, RFID hang tag, shoebox tag, laundry tag and so on. Moreover, according the client’s requirements, we will provide the feasible advice and suggestions as well as the best services to our client.
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