Company Name:宁波爱氪森科技有限公司
Company English Name:Ningbo AQSystems Technology Co., LTD
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Chinese Introduction:
EC SENSE 团队核心成员均来自电化学气体传感器领域几十年研发经验的资深专家,公司主要研发毒气传感器,氧气传感器,VOC传感器。通过多年的努力研发出基于电化学原理的新型“聚合物电化学气体传感器”该技术目前在全球范围均属领先科技,我们的产品在技术性能和生产工艺上,均得到了跨越提升,该产品具稳定性好、全量程纯线性、长寿命、耐低温、超小体积、低功耗、批量化等特点,开创了电化学气体传感器的新支术革命。
English Introduction:
"The EC SENSE R & D center is located in Munich, Germany. The core team members are all senior experts which have had the research and development experience of electrochemical gas sensors for several decades. The core R & D targets are gas sensors, oxygen sensors, flammable gas sensors, and VOC sensors. The EC SENSE team has successfully developed a new ""polymer electrochemical gas sensor"" based on the principle of electrochemistry for many years. The technology is currently the leading technology in the world. Our products have been improved in both technical performance and production technology, and the product has many characteristic, like good stability, high resolution, high precision, the whole range of pure linear, long lifespan, low temperature, ultra small volume, low power consumption, batch and so on, which created a new revolution in electrochemical gas sensor. "
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