Company Name:艾思科技股份有限公司(吉嘉電子股份有限公司集團)
Company English Name:SES RFID Solutions Asia Co. Ltd ( Gigatek Group)
Booth Number:1A241
Chinese Introduction:
SES RFID SOLUTIONS是薄型和扁平卡片中料、RFID能量收集、LED指示器及纺织可用RFID编织天线和智能可穿戴RFID技术的市场领导者。公司专注于为各种应用设计制造和实施定制产品,包括RFID设计的最前端。公司拥有多项RFID转发器设计、超平超薄卡片及中料、超智能技术的国际专利。SES团队在设计、制造和应用方面拥有超过15年的专业知识。
English Introduction:
SES are market leaders in Thin And Flat, Energy Harvesting, LED Indicator, Woven Antenna and Smart Wearable RFID technology. We specialise in the design, manufacture and implementation of bespoke products for a range of applications. We design and produce unique transponders, ultra thing and flat card and inlay ( prelam ), wire tag, industrial tag and smart package for specialized applications. SES deliver completely smooth RFID implementation.This includes copper coil winding, automatic soldering, thermo-compression welding and over-moulded injection with robotic handling.

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