Company Name:威海精讯畅通电子科技有限公司
Company English Name:Weihai JXCT Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd
Booth Number:9D136
Addr.:山东省威海市火炬高技术产业开发区鞍山路52-1号 407室
Chinese Introduction:
精讯畅通秉承着“为物联网而生”核心理念,打造全面的工业物联网产品与解决方案。 旗下拥有技术研发中心(济南),主营各类大气环境监测、工业气体监测、农业环境监测及水质监测等工业传感器及传输设备,同时提供以通用云平台——精讯云为核心的一体化物联网解决方案。 精讯物联网生态:连接物联网产品产品与通用性物联网Saas云服务平台“精讯云”,将所有的物联网传感器和通信产品做成自产自研或者强供应体系。
English Introduction:
JingXun Adhering to the core concept of “born for the Internet of Things”, we will create comprehensive industrial IoT products and solutions. We have a technology research and development center (Jinan) with a business scope all over the world. It mainly engages in industrial sensors and transmission equipment such as atmospheric environment monitoring, industrial gas monitoring, agricultural environmental monitoring and water quality monitoring, and provides an integrated Internet of Things solution with a universal cloud platform,--Jingyun Cloud. The essence of the Internet of Things: connecting the Internet of Things products and the universal Internet of Things Saas cloud service platform "Jingxun Cloud", making all IoT sensors and communication products self-produced or strong supply system.
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