Company Name:基本立子(北京)科技发展有限公司
Company English Name:Quark (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Booth Number:A3
Chinese Introduction:
基本立子(北京)科技发展有限公司成立于2016年,是一家致力于推广领导世界前沿物联网平台技术和运营服务的高新技术企业。作为国内领先的物联网平台运营商,打造了“立子云” 物联网平台,目前覆盖多个垂直领域,包括智能工业、智慧农业、智慧城市、智慧医疗、智能家居、车联网领域,形成三十余种应用解决方案,为企业客户提供有竞争力的一体化解决方案和服务,帮助客户在各个行业获得成功。 热线:010-57505159
English Introduction:
Quark (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd. established in 2016, is committed to promote a globally leading Internet of things (Iot) platform and related services. As a developed Iot platform supplier in China, “Quarkioe Cloud” is capable of covering many vertical fields for now, including intelligent manufacturing, agriculture, smart cities, healthcare, smart home and connected cars. Qaurkioe has over 30 kinds of mature solutions in different industries, which has helped enterprise users form competitively integrated solutions and services to achieve their successes in various fields.
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