Company Name:Voyantic Ltd.
Company English Name:Voyantic Ltd.
Booth Number:B57
Addr.:Kutojantie 11, FI-02630 Espoo, Finland
Chinese Introduction:
芬兰Voyantic公司提供完整超高频和高频的RFID测试和测量解决方案。其明星产品Tagformance更是业界标准的UHF RFID标签性能测量设备,广泛应用于世界各地顶尖的标签制造商、标签设计商、系统集成商、科研院所以及测试中心。 Voyantic公司客户遍及全球五大洲共33个国家,系统交付超过500套,2015年专为中国客户开发出支持GB/T 29768标准的测试软件。
English Introduction:
Voyantic Ltd. provides RFID testing and measurement solutions. These solutions cover both UHF and HF frequency ranges, and are well suited for tag development, production and technical support purposes. Voyantic Tagformance system is the industry de-facto standard in UHF RFID tag performance testing, used by many of the leading tag manufacturers, tag designers, system integrators, research institutes and test centers. Voyantic has a proven track record with over 500 systems delivered globally and clients in 33 countries on five continents. Voyantic sees China an important market and has developed the testing software to support GB/T 29768 standard for Chinese customers in 2015.

Contact: Mr. Smoos Peng, APAC Director

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