Company Name:厦门信达物联科技有限公司
Company English Name:XINDECO IOT
Booth Number:A71
Chinese Introduction:
·厦门信达股份有限公司投资成立的国家高新技术企业(股票代码:000701); ·注册资本1.5亿,立足厦门,覆盖全国的售后服务体系; ·拥有强大的研发团队、博士后工作站及实验室; ·中国三大RFID标签工厂之一,年产6亿片; ·产品应用领域:智能零售行业、食品溯源、智能交通、票证管理、供应链物流、图书馆管理、人员资产管理等 ·多次蝉联“物联之星”《RFID电子标签企业奖》及《RFID成功应用奖》
English Introduction:
●11 years of experience in RFID Inlays & Tags production. ●10,000 grade Dust-Free workshop. ●Top 3 RFID Tag Manufacturer in China. ●40+ persons in R&D dept., 60+ persons in Production dept., 10+ persons in QC dept. ●ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, some items certified by RoHS and CE. ●100+ full range of HF&UHF testing devices to secure higher quality. ●All Inlays & Tags are designed & developed by ourselves. ●Products are well received from customers and with higher customers retention rate. ●OEM & ODM service.
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