Company Name:奥奕科技贸易(上海)有限公司
Company English Name:Omni-ID
Booth Number:A5-2
Chinese Introduction:
奥奕科技贸易(上海)有限公司是Omni-ID在华的贸易公司,是一个有着丰富技术创新经验的公司,革命性地开发了具有无与伦比可靠性及优异性能的无源UHF RFID电子标签和可视化标签。我们经过实践证明的RFID专业技术,连同与全球合作伙伴建立起的广泛网络使我们能成为全球500强公司提供完整的资产管理解决方案。
English Introduction:
Omni-ID is driving the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) revolution in IT, manufacturing and industry. We establish reliable, connected environments where end-to-end asset management, in-process visibility and real-time control, right down to the individual asset level is now a cost-effective reality. Increased process complexity calls for smart, simple IoT-based solutions. As the global leader in manufacturing & supplying passive, active and e-paper RFID solutions, Omni-ID delivers the hardware, software and know-how to get you started — and always keep you one step ahead.
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