Company Name:中山达华智能科技股份有限公司
Company English Name:TATWAH SMARTECH CO.,LTD.
Booth Number:A22
Chinese Introduction:
达华智能(股票代码:002512)于1993年成立,属广东省高新技术企业,是专业生产电子标签、智能卡、读写设备的制造商,并逐渐发展成为一家集软、硬件产品设计、开发、销售、服务为一体的RFID整体解决方案提供商,RFID行业领军企业之一。 作为行业龙头企业,达华已开发出的RFID产品型号超过上千种,主要产品:智能卡、抗金属标签、扎带标签、NFC标签、双频标签、温度标签、有源标签、读卡器、模块等等。
English Introduction:
Tatwah Smartech (Stock Code: 002512) was established in 1993.Tatwah is a high-tech enterprise of Smart Cards, RFID tags and readers. Positioning as an RFID total solution provider, Tatwah integrates software & hardware design, development, sales and service together. Now Tatwah Smartech has grown into one of the leading forces of RFID industry. As a leading enterprise in the industry, Tatwah Smartech has more than one thousand kinds of RFID products, such as Smart Card, Metal Tag, Cable Binder Tag, NFC Tag, double tag, Temperature Monitoring Tag, Active Tag, Reader, Read-write Model and so on.
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