Company Name:上海讯闪电子科技有限公司
Company English Name:Shanghai ThinkShine Electronics Technology Limited
Booth Number:A96
Chinese Introduction:
English Introduction:
As a research and development of professional RFID chip design house and Complete RFID Solutions company. Our products include high-frequency long-distance RFID chip, NFC chip and wireless smart card chip and Smart pipeline production RFID solutions, ISO 15693 Protocol card reader (Medium and high Power) . Products are widely used in the following applications : RFID pipelining production, smart cards, Bluetooth pairing (WiFi pairing), food traceability, baggage package, asset Management, book/file management, traffic management, electronic wallet, scenic management, warehousing and logistics and supply chain management, product security/anti-fleeing goods (liquor, home appliances, clothing, valuables, etc.) and the management of a wide range of products.
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