Company Name:射频科技系统资源有限公司
Company English Name:RFID System & Supplies Limited
Booth Number:B77
Chinese Introduction:
本司服务范围 -为客户选配适合应用方案的RFID标签, 硬件及编码/印刷服务 -按客户需求提供合适的解决方案配合全方位技术支持服务 最新产品介绍: CS108手持读写器(配合安卓或IOS智能装置使用) CS463固定式读写器(即插即用, 内置WIFI,蓝芽功能) 網址:
English Introduction:
Our Services included: -Consultancy and supply of RFID tag, hardware to meet with different application. -Application deployment with our all-round technical support. New Product Release: CS108 Handheld sled reader (works with Android and IOS devices) CS463 Fixed reader (Plug & Play reader built-in with Wifi/Bluetooth) Website:
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